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Date: Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

Time: 6 PM

Formal Tasting: 6.20 PM

Price: Members: $63

Price: Guests: $78

(includes appetizers)


Venue: Faculty Club, Univ. of Toronto,

         41 Willcocks Street
         Toronto, Ontario
         M5S 1C7  - 


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Sauvignon Blanc Judgement

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017


Guest Speaker: Britnie Bazylewski, Creekside Winery


Notes on the Wines



Sauvignon Blanc (SB) smells and tastes remarkably similar wherever it is planted but there are clearly different flavour profiles due to terroir. You be the judge this month to decide which SB wine growing region you prefer as we bring you wines from 6 regions of the world.


Sauvignon Blanc along with Cabernet Sauvignon, its offspring - the result of a natural crossing with Cabernet Franc, have now become two of the most widely planted varieties in the world. Both are vigorous growers that produce generous yields. SB adapts readily to a wide range of growing environments. Because it ripens early, it can be grown in relatively cool climates- its Loire homeland being the most obvious example- while its naturally high acidity allows it to retain a level of freshness even in warmer areas. However, to achieve the true forward zing that best characterizes Sauvignon Blanc wine, a cooler terroir is needed, ideally with persistent sunshine and a dry harvest period.


SB cultivation ranges from well-established regions such as Bordeaux and Loire, to emerging regions such as New Zealand, California, Northern Italy, Southern Ontario, Chile, South Africa and Australia. Its primary fruit flavours are lime, green apple, passion fruit and white peach. However, the aromas range from grass, nettles, and asparagus to more esoteric notes such as cat’s pee and gunflint.


The gravel soil found near Loire River imparts spicy floral and mineral flavours, while in Bordeaux, the wines have a fruitier personality. Vines planted in flint tend to produce the most vigorous and longest lasting wines. In the Marlborough region of New Zealand’s South Island, sandy soils over slate shingles have become most desirable due to good drainage and poor fertility that encourages the vine to concentrate its flavours in lower yields. The SB wines here are pungently aromatic with bell pepper and gooseberry characters through lush passion fruit and tropical fruit overtones. Other notes include fresh cut grass, tomato stalks, grapefruit and lime.


A California vineyard’s potential is limited little by latitude but crucially determined by what lies between it and the Pacific Ocean. The more mountains between the vineyard and the sea, the less chance there is of the sea air, often fog, reaching it to moderate the climate: the southernmost vineyards of Napa valley are the coolest and the northernmost the hottest. The SBs here fall into two styles: the New Zealand influenced ones have more tropical fruit undertones with citrus and passion fruit tones, and the Mondavi influenced Fumé Blancs, which are more full bodied, round and sweet with melon notes due to oak aging.


In Niagara Peninsula’s unique micro-climate created by the moderating effects of Lake Ontario and the escarpment, the soil is calcareous with good drainage. Cooler temperatures produce lower yields which in turn are responsible for more concentrated, livelier flavours. Ontario SBs tend to have citrus fruit, herbal and flint notes.


Our guest speaker is Britnie Bazylewski, Hospitality Manager & Winery Sommelier from Creekside Estate Winery. The price of our event includes a reception wine, bread, light appetizes and our main wines. Please refrain from wearing scented products to the tasting. Dress is business casual. Looking forward to seeing you in March!




The Wines

Note – prices shown are from the time of purchase; these wines are considerably more pricey in today’s market.


2013 Château Olivier Blanc (Bordeaux) $59
“This shows lots of sauvignon blanc, with sliced-grapefruit, green-apple and fennel character. Dense body and energetic acidity. Vivid white. Super potential here.” James Suckling,, April 9, 2014 Score: 93-94


2013 Henri Bourgeois La Bourgeoise Sancerre (Loire) $44
“Full-bodied and rich, produced from the oldest vines on the Bourgeois family estate, this is a flint and steel-textured wine. The fruit is still coming through the intense texture of this complex wine. The hints of apple and grapefruit will develop as the wine ages.” Roger Voss, Wine Enthusiast, May 2016 Score: 93.


2013 Henri Bourgeois d'Antan Sancerre (Loire) $59
“Produced from flint soil (silex), this wine is intense, delicious and has a great future. Lemongrass and grapefruit flavors give a lift to the tight, strongly mineral texture. Spice and just a hint of wood bring out riper fruits as well as a refreshing, tangy texture.” Roger Voss, Wine Enthusiast, Nov. 2015 Drink from 2017 Score: 93


2013 Schiopetto Sauvignon Blanc (Italy) $33
“A textbook, highly concentrated sauvignon from this corner of Europe (Friuli/Styria /Slovenia), thick, rich and glycerous, obviously packed with flavour in the way that only careful farming and the right site can achieve. This is neither dominated by sauvignon's inherent greenness, nor the tropical side, but rather somewhere comfortably in the middle, with no oak influence. Top northern California may be the closest reference point. Terrific wine in any case, drinking well now but surely capable of further evolution into an umami-rich range of flavours.” John Szabo MS, Tasted September 2016 Score: 92


2013 Creekside Reserve Sauvignon Blanc (Ontario) $27
“Confidently oaked, Creekside's Reserve edition of sauvignon blanc has plenty of pear, citrus fruit and flinty interest. Honey and herbs join spicy wood character, building body, texture and lengthy finish. Stylish, focused and confident.” DJ Kearney, tasted June 2016 Score: 90


2014 Spottswoode Sauvignon Blanc (California) $47
“A magical blend of 73% Sauvignon Blanc with 27% Sauvignon Musque, from a landmark producer of the variety, this is a complex and elegant expression of lushly layered peach and mandarin orange, balanced and structured for years to come. From vineyards both within Napa Valley and throughout Sonoma, including Knights Valley and Sonoma Mountain, it's eminently sippable and a fine wine for the table.” Editors’ Choice, Wine Enthusiast Score: 94


2013 Clouds Rest Forbidden Sauvignon Blanc (California) $50
“A mélange of harvest ripe citrus perfumed with honeysuckle is the perfect entrance for this luxurious Sauvignon Blanc that hails from the infamous 2 acre ‘Shop Block’ Músque parcel at Dutton Ranch. A perfect blend of minerality and a bright clean acidity form its foundation. Notes of citrus blossoms, Meyer lemon, Mandarin orange and Bearss lime command one to linger on the nose. Subtle hints of honeydew, white nectarine, Galia melon or Fuji apple create a symphony of flavors and complete the long lasting finish of this balanced classic.” The winemaker’s description.


2016 Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand) $35
“The nose shows classic Marlborough lemon, gooseberry and hay aromas with dried herbs. The palate is midweight with soft lemony acidity driving onto the long finish and a degree of complexity. Very good length with a bitter tone to the fruit at the end.” Steve Thurlow, January 2017 Score: 90



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