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Membership Fee






Toronto Vintners is a private wine tasting club. The membership year is January to December.



There are at least 7 great reasons to become a member:

1. Members get to broaden your tasting experience and enjoy exceptionally fine wines from around the world, many of which are rare or unique or hard to obtain and which you would not otherwise have a chance (or the budget) to taste.

2. Members can sample wines that have been aged for numerous years.

3. Members sometimes get an advance, exclusive tasting of wines that arenít yet available to the general public.

4. Members receive admission to each event at a preferred price (usually $15-$25 less than the guest/non-member rate).

5. Members can attend often prestigious wine-related shows in Toronto at a reduced rate.

6. Members can enjoy occasional TVC-organized dinners at local, fine restaurants and taste top-quality wines, often at well below the restaurant's or wine supplier's usual cost.

7. Members meet others who love wine.


The membership year is January to December.


Any NEW member who joins between July 1 and December 31 is paid up until the end of the next year; in other words, NEW members can get up to 18 months of membership during their first year. This offer only applies to brand new members.



For information about the club, location and timing of our events and a listing of past events, click on the links for "About the Club", "Events" and "FAQ's" on the menu bar. We offer a Newcomer's Table for guests and new members alike can be introduced to others and receive tutorial help from an experienced taster. We extend a warm invitation to all wine lovers and look forward to meeting you at our next event and hope you'll join the Club!


The public is welcome to attend our events providing there are no restrictions on guests or non-members and as long as the event is not sold out.